Bayerischer Wald

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2nd International Conference on Forests from 26. to 29. April 2017

Bavarian Forest National Park (Photo: Rainer Simonis)


4 Excursions will take place 29th April 2017:

Excursion 1:

Benign neglect strategies in the Bavarian Forest Nationalpark and their impact on the rarest, restoration experiments in beech forests in the buffer zone of the ational park, red-deer enclosures: management and ecological outcome

Excursion 2:

National Park Sumava with non-intervention zones, peat bog restauration, forest management in the buffer zone

Excursion 3:

Xerothermic forests and reptile conservation Jochenstein, Restoration in managed forests of the diocese Passau

Excursion 4:

River restoration in the Bavarian Forest National Park, Monitoring of biodiversity in water bodies, pasture management in the Bavarian Forest National Park.

Points of departure and return will be announced during the conference at the latest.