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2nd International Conference on Forests from 26. to 29. April 2017

Visitor centre Hans-Eisenmann-Haus

Conference Venue and travel information

The conference takes place at the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus, Lusen National Park Centre, D-94556 Neuschönau

Route distances to the Congress venue, Hans-Eisenmann-Haus in Neuschönau.

a. From Neuschönau: 10 – 20 min on foot/ 2 km by car
b. From Altschönau: 20 – 30 min on foot/ 4,5 km by car
c. From Waldhäuser: 30 – 45 min on foot/ 11 km by car

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Lusen National Park Centre

At the Lusen National Park Centre near Neuschönau you can visit the following facilities: the visitor centre Hans-Eisenmann-Haus, the animal enclosures, the plant and stone outdoor area and the tree top walk.

The village Neuschoenau is located in the midst of the Bavarian Forest National Park.

In Neuschoenau itself and in the districts Schönanger, Altschönau and Waldhäuser you will find many opportunities to experience the beautiful nature of the Bavarian Forest.

Discover bears, wolves, lynx or moose in the animal enclosure in Neuschoenau, or take a walk on the world’s longest tree top walk: The Bavarian Forest Tree Top Walk is an adventure you probably will never forget!

At the visitor centre Hans-Eisenmann-Haus you can find all important informations around the National Park and its history. Overall, you can enjoy hiking on over 200 km marked trails in Neuschoenau. The mount Lusen (1.373 m) for example, offers a wonderful view over the Bavarian Forest landscape.

Furthermore, our guests find many possibilities to enjoy nordic walking or cycling. And even an 18-hole golf course is located in Neuschoenau where you can play golf in this wonderful natural scenery.

The restaurants offer the famous, typical bavarian cuisine and in the hotels and accommodation facilities in Neuschoenau our visitors will surely find the right place to stay and enjoy their holidays in the heart of the Bavarian Forest National Park..

Map of facilities and visitor attractions in the Bavarian Forest National Park

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Overview Map Bavarian Forest National Park