Bayerischer Wald

Disturbance Conference from April 29 until May 3, 2013

Young Forest

Natural Disturbance Conference from April 29 until May 3, 2013

Natural Disturbance – Post-Modern Lessons for Land Managers About Some Important Ecological Processes

Bavarian Forest National Park, Neuschönau, Germany

Disturbances have been recognized as important to the natural dynamics of ecosystems, particularly in the last two decades. Ecologists are increasingly gaining insights into the importance of these „catastrophies“ for natural regeneration, for enhancing biodiversity, for structuring landscapes and for restoring human-altered landscapes to more natural conditions. However, public scepticism towards the acceptance of natural disturbances in forests is still great.

The Bavarian Forest National Park contains the largest areas affected by bark beetles and blowdown in Central Europe. Researchers from many disciplines have investigated these processes and their impacts. Now the results will be presented and discussed in an international framework, considering research from similar disturbances elsewhere in Eurasia and North America.

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