Bavarian Forest
National Park

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Tourist Information Centres in the Local Towns and Villages

Tourist Information Bayerisch Eisentein

related animal: LynxBavarian Eisenstein ist a state-approved health resort where the borders of Germany and the Czech Republic touch

Tourist Information Frauenau

related animal: falconThe officially recognized resort Frauenau is centrally located in the beautiful countryside of the Bavarian Forest

Tourist Information Freyung

related animal: wolfThe health resort Freyung is the highest town in the Bavarian Forest and features a variety of recreational activities

Tourist Information Grafenau

related animal: bearThe city Grafenau is the oldest city and adminis-
tration seat of the Bavarian Forest National Park


Tourist Information Hohenau

related animal: owlThe community of Hohenau offers peace, relaxation and recreation in scenic surroundings


Tourist Information Langdorf

related animal: european viper(Vipera berus)The spa resort Langdorf with a long elevation of 650 - 1000 meters offers many options for your holiday


Tourist Information Lindberg

related animal: lynxHohenau is embedded between the beautiful Bavarian Forest mountains at the foot of the Gr. Falkenstein

Tourist Information Mauth-Finsterau

related animal: otterMauth-Finsterau bordering the National Park is surrounded by pristine mountain landscape


Tourist Information Neuschönau

related animal: bearThe community of Neu-
schönau offers many hiking and cycling opportunities, natural lake, golf course and much more

Tourist Information Oswald-Riedlhütte

related animal: red deerThe community of Oswald-Riedlhütte is located in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, far away from noise or jostling crowds

Tourist Information Spiegelau

related animal: woodpeckerThe spa resort Spiegelau is surrounded by a lush forest landscape to 759 meters directly in the National Park


Tourist Information Rinchnach

related animal: microbatThe former monastery Rinchnach is very centrally located in the heart of the Bavarian Forest


Tourist Information Zwiesel

related animal: capercaillieThe town of Zwiesel is known for centuries-old tradition of glass. The Glass City offers its guests more than just pure nature