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Hiking Area

Summit of the Lusen (Photo: Alice Alteneder)

Waldhäuser – Lusen Hiking Area

From 1995 large parts of the old mountain spruce forest fell victim to the bark beetle. However, it is not the forest that died, but rather its old individual trees. In the protection of the dead trees a new forest is growing in to a new “wild forest" unique in Europe. The experience trail “Hochwaldsteig" beneath the summit of the Lusen provides awe-inspiring insights into this natural development of the forest.

Lynx Circular Trail
Time: About 2.5 hours. Height difference: 250 metres

As the Lusen car park is closed to private cars from 9am to 6pm, take the car as far as the Waldhäuser car park. From there you can go further with the Igelbus, which is the permitted form of transport on minor roads in the national park (and free for visitors with Guest Cards), to the Lusen car park.

Uphill from the Lusen car park after a short time on the “Guldenstraß" you will reach the Schutzhütte on the Böhmweg; from there the straight summer path leads at first moderately and then from the Himmelsleiter steeply uphill to the Lusen summit. Here you will be surprised by a geological wonder, which can be described as a Geotope – an enormous pile of countless granite blocks. In good weather there is a wonderful view from the top. The descent takes you along the winter path, via the Lusenschutzhaus where you can get something to eat or drink. From about half way down you will also walk past imposing sycamore and beech trees, which form part of the mixed mountain forest.

Ranne Hiking Trail
Time: About 2.5 hours. Height difference: 530 metres

From the Fredenbrücke picnic site the path runs along the Kleine Ohe to the Martinsklause reservoir and steeply up to the Teufelsloch “Devil’s Hole", which is steeped in legend. On the path there are a number of information boards on the subject of mountain streams. The summit of the Lusen is reached via the steep stone steps of the Himmelsleiter (Heaven Ladder) on the summer path. The way back takes you on the winter path, past the Lusenschutzhaus, to the Lusen car park, where in the summer period the Igelbus can take you back to your starting point. Alternatively you can walk further on the “Green Triangle" path to where you started the walk. A public barbecue spot invites you to stay a while longer.

Wren Circular Trail
Time: About 1.5 hours. Height difference: 190 m

The path leads beneath Waldhäuser through the “Steinfelsenhäng", the first place where spring appears in the national park. Very tall trees line the path, accompanied by magnificent rock formations; in spring there is a magnificent birdsong concert.

Wren Circular Trail
Time: About 1.5 hours. Height difference: 190 m

The picnic place at the fire station in Waldhäuser is the starting point for the circular trail to the “Martinsklause" and on to the upper parts of Waldhäuser (viewing point). It’s moderately steep downhill through the village back to the starting point.


The cycle path from Waldhäuser to the Martinsklause as well as the hiking trail green triangle / lynx – from the Lusen car park to the Glass Ark – are suitable for children’s push chairs and wheelchairs in the summer period.