Bavarian Forest
National Park

Windthrow Experience Path

Windthrow (Photo: Hußlein)

In January 2007 a severe storm around the summit of the Großer Falkenstein uprooted and felled trees over a large area. Most of these areas lie in the development zone of the national park, from which felled spruce trees are taken in order to remove the bark beetles’ source of nutrition.

The aim of the national park is however to leave nature to nature. From 2027 this will be implemented across 75% of the national park’s territory.

What to people looks like a catastrophe, is for nature just an occurrence – connected to changes, not to destruction. Many animal species – such as deer, black woodpecker and Ural owl – benefit from these changes to the forest habitat.

The dead trees are not without their uses – they provide the young forest with nutrients as well as protection from being eaten.

On an experience trail of approximately 500m we want to show you what it means to leave the fallen wood on the ground.

Be surprised by the new insights and perspectives that the storm has made possible.