Bavarian Forest
National Park

The alluvial spruce forest trail in Spiegelau

The alluvial spruce forest trail (Photo: Maria Hußlein)

The 400 metre long board walk through the alluvial spruce forest close to Spiegelau provides an insight into this sort of vegetation, typical for this altitude in the Bavarian Forest.

Natural forest wilderness

It’s a fascinating, constantly changing network of relationships dependent on climate, weather and soil, between plants and animals, large and small, in the smallest space as well as over a large area.

Forests have grown, renewed themselves and changed for thousands of years according to the laws of nature in incomprehensible diversity. They don’t need any help or care to do so.

Protecting the wilderness

We are duty bound on at least a few percent of the territory of our state, to protect nature for its own sake.

We are tasked with the job of providing free space to our fellow creations, plants and animals.
The Bavarian Forest National Park undertakes this duty.

In the park forest can be forest,
How it grows, decays
And renews
Forest, as it is,
Not as we, through habit, might like to have it