Bavarian Forest
National Park

Pastures and Mires

Mires (Photo: Alice Alteneder)


The mildly undulating plateau of the Higher Bohemian Forest hosts large-scale mire complexes. The largest part of this expansive area of mires lies in the territory of the Czech Republic in the Šumava National Park.

On the Bavarian side there are on the mountain ridge areas just a few small-scale mires formed in the area of the central European watershed divide (between the Danube and the Moldau). Amongst the most important mire areas are the so called Latschenfilz with the mysterious Latschensee, and the Hinteren Sulz.


Farmers from the Zwiesel area used to have the right to send their cattle to the forests in the summer months for pasture. The herder who was tasked by the farmers was in transit with cows (mostly young cattle) in the higher areas of the Bavarian Forest between June and September.

Over the course of time clearings came into being and also mountain meadows without trees, which became known in the Bavarian Forest as “Schachten". They served the herdsmen primarily as places to stay overnight, but also as spots for a midday rest.

The forest pastures were given up in 1950s. Many of the deciduous trees, which had previously offered shade, are now either impressive giants or ruins. The Schachten are witnesses of a bygone cultural era and as such are to be maintained in the future as areas without trees.

Wolf Circular Trail
Time needed: ¾ of an hour; height difference 50m

Departure point is the bicycle parking area at the Hochschachten. The 2 ½ km long circular trail takes you over both the Hochschachten and the Kohlschachten. Between these two mountain meadows is the Latschenfilz with its raised bog ponds, such as the Latschensee. A 700 metre long boardwalk leads across the mire. The Latschenfilz is very characteristic of the saddle raised bogs of the Bohemian Forest plateau.

Day Hike

The Experience Trail “Schachten und Filze" can be reached from Oberfrauenau or from the information pavilion of the Frauenau reservoir (Matt-grass marking), or from Buchenau (butterbur marking). Time needed is three hours. By combining with the “Glass Trail" between Buchenau and the reservoir at Frauenau both routes can be made into a daylong hike.

By bicycle

The Bavarian Forest National Park offers a comprehensive network of marked cycle routes. So that cyclists also have the opportunity to experience the mires of the national park, bicycle stands have been erected on the marked cycle route at the Große Schachten so that bicycles can be locked up safely. There is also a shelter here and orientation and information tables.

The Experience Trail itself is not a cycle path!