Bavarian Forest
National Park

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Getting to the Lusen National Park Centre

By bus or train

The Lusen National Park Centre (Photo: Alice Alteneder)

Frequently you will have more flexibility travelling by bus and train, as you won’t need to return to your point of departure at the end of a day’s hiking.

Make a change! If you leave your car at home, then you will be making an important contribution to environmental protection in the national park region through the subsequent reduction in traffic.

The Waldbahn to Spiegel and Grafenau leaves from Zwiesel every two hours. Spiegelau is the place to change for the Igelbus to the Rachel-Lusen area in the national park. These environmentally friendly buses, powered by natural gas, have been in operation in the summer months since 1996 and depart at regular intervals.

From Spiegelau the Rachel bus, the Lusen bus and the Finsterau bus will take you to the Rachel, the Lusen, the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus national park visitor centre and to Finsterau.

By car or by coach

To the Lusen National Park Centre (Rachel – Lusen)

Größere Kartenansicht

Travelling via the A3 and A92 motorways:

If you are coming from Munich on the A92 when you get to the Deggendorf motorway junction follow the signs to the Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald Rachel – Lusen and Passau and filter on to the A3; when on the A3 coming from the direction Nürnberg / Regensburg or from Passau take the exit 111 which is signposted Hengersberg / Grafenau. At Hengersberg turn right towards Grafenau and follow the “Nationalpark" signs on the B533 all the way to Grafenau, and from there on to Neuschönau. Approximately 0.5km after leaving Neuschönau you will arrive at the national park car park at the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus visitor centre.

If you are coming from Passau on the A3 you can also get to the Bavarian Forest National Park – Rachel – Lusen by leaving at exit 112 for Aicha v. W. Following the signs to the Nationalpark you will reach the B85 via a feeder road. Follow the B85 and after a while take the B533 to Grafenau and travel onto Neuschönau.

If you are coming from the Czech Republic use the border crossing Strazny / Phillipsreut, and then drive initially in the direction of Phillippsreut / Freyung / Passau, turning off just before Phillippsreut in the direction of Mauth (signposted Nationalpark) and after some 13km, just before Neuschönau, you will arrive at the car park of the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus visitor centre.