Bavarian Forest
National Park

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Local travel

Waldbahn train station (Photo: Alice Alteneder)

For a rural area, public transport to and in the Bavarian Forest National Park is very good. The Waldbahn trains and the Igelbusse buses ensure that car free travel is definitely a good option.

Work began on measures to reduce car use in the Bavarian Forest National Park in 1990. The introduction of the Igelbus system in 1996 was a big success. In the Rachel-Lusen area of the national park buses powered on natural gas were deployed for the first time in Germany. This fleet of buses has made a big contribution to the reduction of polluting emissions.

In summer you get to all the important visitor attractions and the main hiking areas without a car. The visitor centre at the “Haus zur Wildnis" in Ludwigsthal even has its own train station, with trains running every hour throughout the year.

Car free travel is also possible in winter. There is good accessibility throughout the year, especially in the towns and villages on the Waldbahn train line. The northern part of the national park around the Große Falkenstein, that is Zwieselerwaldhaus and Buchenau, are accessible from Zwiesel several times a day during the week using the Falkenstein bus.