Bavarian Forest
National Park

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Treetop path at the Lusen National Park Centre

Treetop path at the Lusen National Park Centre (Photo: Alice Alteneder)

The world’s largest treetop path with a length of 1300m

The world’s biggest treetop path has been erected in the Bavarian Forest National Park. The official opening of the treetop path took place on Tuesday 8th September 2009. The following day it was opened to visitors.

The new treetop path of the Bavarian Forest National Park has made it possible to walk in unspoilt nature 8 to 25 metres above ground and to experience these unrivalled perspectives. The entrance to the world’s largest path of this type is located at the car park at the animal enclosures and reached via an entry tower, which with its lift provides senior citizens, wheelchair users and parents with buggies an easy and trouble-free visit. The construction is made mostly of wood and is carefully integrated in the wonderful mixed mountain forest. It conveys a genuine experience of nature, which is enhanced by educational, experiential and sensual elements along the path. You get to experience this unique forest landscape and its different forms of life in a new dimension. The 1300 metre long walkway ends on the platform of the imposing viewing tower at a height of 44 metres, which offers a fantastic and unbounded view: on the one hand in the direction of the Lusen to an area free of settlements – pure forest and wilderness; on the other to the well-tended cultural landscape of the Bavarian Forest and on towards the Alps. The treetop path ends at ground level at the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus with its information centre and the Café Eisenmann.

Why a treetop path?

With the design of the treetop path, the company “die erlebnis AKADEMIE AG", is continuing to make experiential products available to a growing audience. The opportunity of experiencing “small and big" adventures and of spending the few days we have for relaxation, recreation and togetherness in a natural, exciting and at the same time safe environment, is attracting more people to nature. The motivation for the design of the treetop path with its highly educational and richly experiential offer is to give people the opportunity to get away from the everyday world, to appreciate new perspectives, and to rediscover well known habitats simply and without risk. In the environment of the Bavarian Forest National Park a one-off opportunity to realise a project arose, which envisages a coherent concept and totally unique constellation.

Technical data

Over its length of 780 metres the tree top path has a height of between 10 and 25 metres. Thanks to the gently undulating terrain and the choice of route, the gradient never exceeds 6% at any point and the path together with its platform formation is fully accessible. The viewing tower has a height of 44 metres. From this platform there is a boundless view of the national park.

Our way

The path begins at the P1 car park by the animal enclosures. It is our aim to “collect" the visitor at the car park and with the aid of the path to bring them across the road to the the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus. Access is via a 12-metre high tower, which in addition to its stairway also has a lift that makes entry possible for senior citizens, wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs. The path is free until the intersection with the Waldwirtschaft restaurant serving as a point of entry and as a taster, as well as a connecting route between the car park and Waldwirtschaft restaurant and the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus.

From the guesthouse the path runs through the untouched part of the mixed forest beneath the Waldwirtschaft restaurant in the direction of the forest stage and from there in to the right corner up to the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus where in the pond area it runs out at ground level.

The architectural jewel that is the viewing tower is located close to the end of the path. Reaching a height of 44m, it offers a view on one side above the treetops towards the Rachel and Lusen and the national park, and on the other side over the cultural landscape in the area bordering the national park.

The construction of the tower is such that it is possible to circle the tree/rock group at the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus with its 38m high fir tree, to show off the differing life forms in the tree. The tree top path is made primarily of wood and as such from renewable materials. Some steel elements are needed for structural reasons and durability, although in relation to the whole structure are only used in small quantities.

The integration of the treetop path

The width of the path is between 1.5 and 2 metres, although it is wider at points on the path where there are educational or experiential exhibits. The guard rail consists of a fine wire mesh with hand rail which still provides a clear view across the forest at all levels.

Data, Numbers and Facts

Total length of the path
Length of the platform
Width of the platform
1,5 - 2
Maximum gradient
Length of the tower ramp
Height of the entrance tower with lift
Height of the tree tower
Weight of the tree tower foundations (16 pieces) each
Weight of foundations of the walkway (135 pieces) each
Weight of the walkway posts (at 24m) each
Weight of the tower supports (16 pieces) each
Weight of the rest and viewing platform on the tree tower
Wood surface and wooden guardrail consist of
cubic metres
Fortified with screws
Berechnete StatiklastStructural load
kg per m²