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Haus zur Wildnis Visitor Centre

Haus zur Wildnis im Nationalparkzentrum Falkenstein (Foto: Alice Alteneder)

The Haus zur Wildnis (Wilderness House) visitor centre in the Falkenstein area was opened on 4th August 2006.

It provides information to guests about the Bavarian Forest and Šumava National Parks as well as the neighbouring region on both sides of the border. The central theme is the transition of the national park forests to a state of wilderness.

With its variety of things to do the Haus zur Wildnis is a great destination for the whole family: the footpath to the visitor centre runs through the animal enclosures with wild horses, aurochs, wolves and lynx, and past the Stone Age cave.

Alternative paths:

Shorter, steeper path

Past the lynx enclosure to the Haus zur Wildnis: path length approx. 500m, actual walking time approx. 15 minutes. This path is lit in the evenings in periods when the Haus zur Wildnis is open.

Longer path

Past the Stone Age cave, wild horse and aurochs enclosures, wolf enclosure with viewing tower and bridge above: path length approx 1,500m, actual walking time 45-60 minutes.

Both paths have small steps!

Several exhibitions, a large 3D cinema, a playroom, a national park shop and the restaurant “Nationalpark Gastronomie" await guests in the visitor centre.

Opening Hours

From 26th December until 31st March: daily from 09h00 to 17h00.
From 1st May through until 8th November: daily from 09h00 to 18h00.

Closed from the second week of November through to the 25th December.

Free entry!


Detailed information on getting to the Falkenstein National Park Centre can be found under the headings – Falkenstein National Park Centre and Mobility in the area.