Bavarian Forest
National Park

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Animal enclosures at the Falkenstein National Park Centre

Animal enclosures at the Falkenstein National Park Centre (Photo: Alice Alteneder)

The Bavarian Forest National Park, like many other national parks in Europe and across the world, is characterised by expansive forests. In contrast to more open landscapes there are generally not many opportunities whilst hiking to see owls that are active in twilight or a lynx with its perfect camouflage. Keeping wild animals in enclosures is not a primary nature conservation task of a national park. However in the decision to expand the Bavarian Forest National Park in 1997 it was determined that attractive large enclosures for the presentation of important animal species in forested mountains should be established as a visitor attraction.

How do I plan my visit?

Before you start your walk through the animal enclosures we recommend that you get the latest information from our visitor service at the main car park. You can obtain recommendations from our staff on guided tours, as well as individual advice on how to best plan your visit.


The main entrance is situated on the visitor car park on the B11 road, close to the “Haus zur Wildnis" information centre near Ludwigsthal. Entry to the animal enclosures is free, but there is a charge for the car park.

You can easily get to the car park and the entrance to the animal enclosures by train, by bus (in the holiday period from 15th May to 4th November at regular intervals with the Falkenstein Bus in the national park region), by car, by bike or on foot from nearby villages.

Visiting times

The animal enclosures are open throughout the year and are always accessible. In winter paths are ploughed and gritted. The visitor trails are well signposted and suitable for buggies and wheelchairs.