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Transboundary Monitoring of Biodiversity

Lusen valley (Photo: Dr. Franz Leibl

The Bavarian Forest and Bohemian Forest form together the largest connected forest area in Central Europe with an outstanding importance for conservation and maintenance of our biodiversity. On both sides of the border since 1970 in the Bavarian Forest National Park and since 1991 in the Šumava National Park ecosystems are allowed to develop under natural conditions without human interventions. Ecological changes induced by natural disturbances (windthrow, bark beetle infestation) and by climate change can be documented by monitoring. In both National Parks different monitoring activities were implemented to record the biodiversity. However, significant differences in methodologies, intensity and analyses existed between the National Parks.

With the INTERREG project Silva Gabreta Monitoring we created a transboundary monitoring of biodiversity to improve the scientific cooperation between the National Parks. Here we focused on forest, mire and water ecosystems. From 2016 the standardization of monitoring methodologies in both National Parks should facilitate the exchange and analysis of comparable data. In this way a common basis for the evaluation of ecological changes is build and therewith the development of a suitable transboundary management of the National Parks will be supported.

Photo: Dr. Franz Leibl

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