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Award ceremony for the best LIFE+ photographers

Filmemacher für neuen Image-Film beauftragt

The new lenticular postcards have already been produced – now, the winners of the photo contest were honored in the visitor centre Hans-Eisenmann-Haus. The task for the participants had been to show the effects of grazing on the Ruckowitz hill pasture, using a pair of photos. At the exhibition, the winners explained their implemented ideas for this challenging topic. Thanks for the pleasant contributions and the interest in the LIFE+ project!

Offspring in the red mountain cattle family

Filmemacher für neuen Image-Film beauftragt

13th December 2016 was a twofold happy day: a pair of red mountain cattle twins was born. The two female calves now spend the winter together with their mother and the rest of the herd in the animal enclosure near Ludwigsthal. After that, they will join their conspecifics on the Ruckowitz hill pasture – accompanied also by a new male New Year’s calf.

Kiitos, Matti and Mirva!

Kiitos, Matti und Mirva!

During half a year, Matti and Mirva Hyhkö have worked in the National Park as volunteers. Now, we have to say Goodbye. The couple from Finland mainly supported the ranger’s work – but also the LIFE+ project. Especially Matti’s enthusiastic support in the Kleine Au was a great help for bog restoration. We wish Matti and Mirva a safe trip back home and all the best for the upcoming time in Finland!

New filmmaker for the new LIFE+ film

Filmemacher für neuen Image-Film beauftragt

As a reply to our announcement, we got several high-quality concepts for the new LIFE+ film. Thanks to all applicants – it was no easy decision. Taking into account various criteria, Heiko Knauer’s concept scored highest. Congratulations!

The short film will focus on water in the national park and will be produced in 2017 – no small task for the professional filmmaker. Heiko Knauer already has gained experience at one of the world’s biggest camera manufacturers, grew up in Lower Bavaria and likes spending his time in the regional forests. Welcome to LIFE+!

Winter break for the bog forests

Die Moorwälder können jetzt auch in Ruhe die Winterferien genießen

As a “Christmas present” for nature, the bog forests in the Reschbach valley area have been brought to an improved state. The former drainage ditches were blocked by building dams. Thus, the first step towards an intact water balance is done. We hope that specialized plant species, particularly different peat mosses, will spread again in the bog forests. And maybe, a black stork comes for a visit again…

Goodbye, Elisabeth!

Abschied von Elisabeth Ohegyi

Elisabeth Ohegyi from Hungary has been working five months for the LIFE+ project now. The time has passed so fast! She greatly enriched our team – especially in the field of public relations, where she had brought experience from her work in a Hungarian NGO.

Many thanks for the pleasant collaboration and all the best for the upcoming time in Hungary!

International short film contest – congratulations to the winners

Zaungäste bei der Moorwald-Renaturierung (Foto: Rainer Simonis)

A short while ago, we sent our LIFE+ trailer to the international short film contest “Green-Go”. Now, the winners have been chosen in the three categories which were all about nature, circular economy, smallholder agriculture and Natura 2000. Congratulations to the winners and thanks for voting for our short film!

Here you can watch the short films of the “Green-Go” contest again:


End of the photo competition

Zaungäste bei der Moorwald-Renaturierung (Foto: Rainer Simonis)

During the last months, amateur photographers have taken a special glance at one of our project sites. The aim of the photo contest was to show the effects of grazing at the Ruckowitz hill pasture. It was not easy to choose the best pair of photos – and now, we have two winners! One of the photos – taken by Ulrike Selig from Marburg – shows red mountain cattle while grazing. The other photo – taken by Julia Piser from Freyung – presents a mountain arnica plant, which benefits directly from the grazing management.
You can view these and all the other submissions in an exhibition in the visitor centre Hans-Eisenmann-Haus. There, you can also gain the new lenticular postcards when filling out the LIFE+ quiz.

LIFE+ Imagefilm competes in international short film contest

Zaungäste bei der Moorwald-Renaturierung (Foto: Rainer Simonis)

You are welcome to cast your votes until 15 November for the new National Park film about the LIFE+ project made by Ingo Zahlheimer. We applied with the short film to the international short film contest “Green-Go”, in the category “Act naturally”. This category is all about Europe´s natural wonders, about Natura 2000 areas - as our National Park is - and about its safeguards.
The contest is organized by the NGO “CEEweb for Biodiversity” (Budapest, Hungary). The participation in the contest contributes to the dissemination and networking efforts of our LIFE+ project. The film with the most “Likes” wins the public award – so, dear National Park fans, push that thumb up button!

For voting:

More Informationen:
       Short film "Green-Go"
       CEEweb for Biodoversity

Call for proposals: 2D Film “LIFE+ Water”

Ausschreibung 2D-Film LIFE+ Wasser (Foto: Rainer Simonis)

The National Park is looking for professional filmmakers for the production of a new short film with the topic “Water in the National Park”. The film should be 10-15 minutes long and should present the project goals and measures of the LIFE+ project.

Short description:

The LIFE+ project in the National Park deals, among others, with the rehabilitation of flowing waters and bogs. The former bank reinforcements are removed so that the stream regains its natural flow. This gives the opportunity for the comeback of meanwhile disappeared species like the European bullhead.

The film should represent the characteristics and diversity of flowing waters in the National Park and leave positive impressions in the viewers. Besides, nature, its beauty and its need for protection should be showed in an exciting way during all seasons.

Interested parties apply please until 07.11.2016 on the Email address below where we also welcome your questions.

Until the end of November a preselection is going to be made. After this, the applicants will receive a detailed description and list of requirements.

Requirements of the 2D Film:

- High quality Production
- Speaker text (in cooperation with the National Park)
- Music
- Special effects (time lapse, slow-motion)

Necessary Media & technical expectations:

- Full-HD-Production - BlueRay for HD-presentations via Beamer
- MP4-File in HD-resolution for website
- High quality master for eventual future editing
- iOS/Android competent HD-File
- Extra expectation: 5-channel Dolby surround (not a must)

Sagwasser-Renaturierung abgeschlossen

Rehabilitation of Sagwasser successfully finished

Until a short time ago, the stream Sagwasser was restrained by straight bank reinforcement. The reinforcement served for timber-floating in former times. It was now partially removed and the small river can recapture its natural dynamics as a “free” stream. Besides, artificial steps next to a water transmission pipe were replaced by a ramp from local stone material. Thus, rare fish species like the European bullhead can now migrate without obstacles.

Zaungäste bei der Moorwald-Renaturierung (Foto: Rainer Simonis)

Special guests at bog forest rehabilitation

During the planning works of the bog forest rehabilitation in the area of Reschbachtal, some special guests could be spotted: a black stork pair stayed close to the areas which are going to be rewetted this autumn. The shy birds could possibly profit from the rehabilitation measures in the future: its habitats are forests with many different structures such as ponds, flowing waters and clearings. Maybe we can hope for a comeback of our stork pair next year? Many thanks to Rainer Simonis for the support and for this wonderful photo!!

Rehabilitation measures of the highly degraded raised bog “Kleine Au” finished

Renaturierungsmaßnahmen in der Kleinen Au abgeschlossen

The field work for the revitalisation of the strongly drained raised bog “Kleine Au” near Altschönau is finished. At first, the non-natural spruce forestation was removed in order to reduce evaporation. Thanks to the use of a cable crane, the spruces left the area “levitating” and thus without soil damage. As a second step, the drainage ditches were blocked. Therefore, a total of 46 dams were built. At the deepest spots, the ditches were additionally filled in order to raise the water level as evenly as possible. Now it is just a matter of rain! A huge thank you to all of you who actively supported the rehabilitation works!