Bavarian Forest
National Park


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Project area

Situated in the South-East of Germany and surrounding the mountain peaks Falkenstein, Rachel, and Lusen, the Bavarian Forest National Park directly borders the Czech Republic. Opened in 1970, it is Germany‘s oldest national park, which pioneered the nationwide accepted national park philosophy “Let nature be nature". Within an area of 240 square kilometers, the park conserves the mostly forested landscape of a low mountain range. The plant and animal communities characteristic for such a habitat in Central Europe are free to develop according to their own rules.

In 1998, the Bavarian Forest National Park became a part of the Natura 2000 habitat network. At the European level, the national park is an important component of the network as it contributes to the protection of rare priority natural habitats, such as bogs, peatland forests and mat-grasslands. Furthermore, the national park offers retreat areas for endangered species, such as the black stork, the European bullhead, and the ground beetle Carabus menetriesi ssp. pacholei.

The following figure represents the locations, where the project measures will be implemented.
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