Bavarian Forest
National Park

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Land use history

Timber transportation in the year 1775

The first approaches to put parts of the forest in the current national park area under protection because of their natural qualities were made as early as the middle of the 19th century. Finally in 1969 the Bavarian parliament declared the state forests between the Rachel and Lusen mountains as the first German national park. In 1997 the original 13,000 hectares of the Bavarian Forest National Park were enlarged to 24,000 hectares. Together with the Šumava National Park that was established in 1991 it forms the largest continuous forested area in central Europe.


GlasmacherThe glass making tradition continued until 2009, when the last productive glass factory in the region was closed in Riedlhütte.

Protection of historic monuments

Schachtenhaus (Photo: Maria Hußlein)The Schachtenhaus has been deemed worthy of protection by the Bavarian Office for the Preservation of Monuments